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- Luther Whitney
Gene Hackman - President Allen Richmond
Ed Harris - Seth Frank, D.C. Homicide
Laura Linney - Kate Whitney
Scott Glenn - Bill Burton, Secret Service
Dennis Haysbert - Tim Collin, Secret Service
Judy Davis - Gloria Russell, White House Chief of Staff
E.G. Marshall - Walter Sullivan
Melora Hardin - Christy Sullivan
Kenneth Welsh - Sandy Lord
Penny Johnson - Laura Simon
Richard Jenkins - Michael Mccarty (hitman)
Mark Margolis - Red Brandsford (bartender)
Elaine Kagan - Valerie
Alison Eastwood - Art Student
Yau-Gene Chan - Waiter
George Orrison - Airport Bartender
Charles McDaniel - Medical Examiner
John Lyle Campbell - Repairman
Kimber Eastwood - White House Tour Guide
Eric Dahlquist Jr. - Oval Office Agent
Jack Stewart Taylor - Watergate Doorman
Joy Ehrlich - Reporter
Robert Harvey - Cop

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