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- Theodore 'Ted' Striker
Julie Hagerty - Elaine Dickinson, Stewardess
Lloyd Bridges - Steven McCroskey, Chicago Air Control
Leslie Nielsen - Doctor Rumack
Robert Stack - Captain Rex Kramer
Peter Graves - Captain Clarence Oveur
Lorna Patterson - Randy, Stewardess
Stephen Stucker - Johnny Hinshaw, Air Controller
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Himself/Roger Murdock, Copilot
Jim Abrahams - Religious Zealot #6
Frank Ashmore - Victor Basta, Navigator
Jonathan Banks - Gunderson
Craig Berenson - Paul Carey
Barbara Billingsley - Jive Lady
Lee Bryant - Mrs. Hammen
Joyce Bulifant - Mrs. Davis
Mae E. Campbell - Security Lady
Ted Chapman - Airport Steward
Jesse Emmett - Man from India
Norman Alexander Gibbs - First Jive Dude
Amy Gibson - Soldier's Girl
Marcy Goldman - Mrs. Geline
Bob Gorman - Striped Controller
Rossie Harris - Joey Hammen
Maurice Hill - Reporter #3
David Hollander - Young Boy with Coffee
James Hong - Japanese General
Howard Honig - Jack
Gregory Itzin - Religious Zealot #1
Howard Jarvis - Man in Taxi
Michael Laurence - Newscaster
David Leisure - First Krishna
Zachary Lewis - Religious Zealot #3
Barbara Mallory - Religious Zealot #2
Maureen McGovern - Nun
Nora Meerbaum - Cocaine Lady
Mary Mercier - Shirley
Ethel Merman - Lieutenant Hurwitz
Len Mooy - Reporter #1
Ann Nelson - Hanging Lady
Laura Nix - Mrs. Hurwitz
John O'Leary - Reporter #2
Cyril O'Reilly - Bill the Soldier
Bill Porter - Hospital Contortionist
Nicholas Pryor - Jim Hammen
Conrad E. Palmisano - Religious Zealot #4
Mallory Sandler - L.A. Ticket Agent
Michelle Stacy - Young Girl with Coffee
Robert Starr - Religious Zealot #5
Barbara Stuart - Mrs. Kramer
Lee Terri - Mrs. Linda Oveur
Kenneth Tobey - Air Controller Neubauer
William Tregoe - Jack Kirkpatrick
Hatsuo Uda - Japanese Newscaster
Herb Voland - Air Controller Macias
Jimmie Walker - Windshield Wiper Man
Jill Whelan - Lisa Davis
Al White - Second Jive Dude
John David Wilder - Second Krishna
Jason Wingreen - Dr. Brody, Mayo Clinic
Louise Yaffe - Mrs. Jaffe
Charlotte Zucker - Make-Up Lady
David Zucker - Ground Crewman #1
Jerry Zucker - Ground Crewman #2
Dr. Robert Nevin - Other Doctor/Plane Passenger
Larry Blake - Upside-down Man
Leslie Hoffman - Passenger in terminal
Kitten Natividad - Woman in Tight Shirt
Susan Breslau - Ticket Agent

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