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- Ned Tweedledum
Whoopi Goldberg - Cheshire Cat
Ben Kingsley - Major Caterpillar
Christopher Lloyd - White Knight
Pete Postlethwaite - Carpenter
Miranda Richardson - Queen of Hearts
Martin Short - Mad Hatter
Peter Ustinov - Walrus
George Wendt - Fred Tweedledee
Gene Wilder - Mock Turtle
Tina Majorino - Alice
Ken Dodd - Mr. Mouse
Jason Flemyng - Sir Jack, the Knave of Hearts
Sheila Hancock - Cook
Simon Russell Beale - King of Hearts
Liz Smith - Miss Lory
Elizabeth Spriggs - Duchess
Donald Sinden - The Gryphon
Joanna Lumley - Tiger Lily
Richard Coombs - The White Rabbit
Kiran Shah - The White Rabbit
Francis Wright - The March Hare
Adrian Getley - The March Hare, The Gryphon
Robert Tygner - The March Hare, The Gryphon
Nigel Plaskitt - The Dormouse
David Alan Barclay - The Dormouse, The Gryphon
Peter Bayliss - Mr. Dodo
Heathcote Williams - Mr. Eaglet
Ken Campbell - Mr. Duck
Jason Byrne - Pat the Gardener
Paddy Joyce - Bill the Gardener
Murray Melvin - Chief Executioner
Janine Eser - Mother
Jeremy Brudenell - Father
Mary Healey - Nanny
Dilys Laye - Governess
Tim Potter - Three of Hearts
Angus Barnett - Four of Hearts
Richard Strange - Six of Hearts
Toby Ross-Bryant - Eight of Hearts
Jonathan Broadbent - Royal Gardener #1
Matthew Sim - Royal Gardener #2
Christopher Ryan - Royal Gardener #3
Peter Eyre - Frogface Footman
Hugh Lloyd - Fishface Footman
John Owens - Red Bishop
Christopher Greet - White Castle
Gerard Naprous - Red Knight

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