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- Mortimer Brewster
Priscilla Lane - Elaine Harper/Elaine Brewster
Raymond Massey - Jonathan Brewster
Jack Carson - Officer Patrick 'Pat' O'Hara
Edward Everett Horton - Mr. Witherspoon
Peter Lorre - Dr. Einstein
James Gleason - Lt. Rooney
Josephine Hull - Aunt Abby Brewster
Jean Adair - Aunt Martha Brewster
John Alexander - Theodore 'Teddy Roosevelt' Brewster
Grant Mitchell - Reverend Harper
Edward McNamara - Police Sgt. Brophy
Garry Owen - Taxi Cab Driver
John Ridgely - Officer Saunders
Vaughan Glaser - Judge Cullman
Chester Clute - Dr. Gilchrist
Charles Lane - Reporter at Marriage License Office
Edward McWade - Mr. Gibbs (Prospective #13)
Sol Gorss - New York Pitcher
Hank Mann - Photographer at Marriage License Office
Spec O'Donnell - Young Man in Line
Lee Phelps - Umpire
Leo White - Man in Phone Booth
Spencer Charters - Marriage License Clerk

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