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- Arthur Bach
Liza Minnelli - Linda Marolla
John Gielgud - Hobson, Arthur's Valet
Geraldine Fitzgerald - Martha Bach
Jill Eikenberry - Susan Johnson
Stephen Elliott - Burt Johnson
Ted Ross - Bitterman, Arthur's Chauffer
Barney Martin - Ralph Marolla
Thomas Barbour - Stanford Bach
Anne De Salvo - Gloria, Hooker
Marjorie Barnes - Hooker
Dillon Evans - Plaza Maitre d'
Maurice Copeland - Uncle Peter Bach
Justine Johnston - Aunt Pearl Bach
Paul Vincent - Plaza Waiter
Mary Alan Hokanson - Secretary
Paul Gleason - Executive
Phyllis Somerville - Saleslady
Irving Metzman - Security Guard at Clothing Store
Joe Doolan - Kid in Street
John Doolan - Kid in Street
Melissa Ballan - Kid in Street
Florence Tarlow - Mrs. Nesbitt
Lou Jacobi - Plant Store Owner
Gordon Press - Prize Man
Bob Maroff - Prize Man
Marcella Lowery - Harriet, Martha's Maid
Jerome Collamore - Johnson Butler
Mark Fleischman - Waiter
Helen Hanft - Perry's Wife
John Bentley - Perry
Raymond Serra - Racetrack Owner
Peter Evans - Preston Langley, Party Guest
Dominic Guastaferro - Party Guest
Phil Oxnam - Orderly
Richard Hamilton - Bill
George Riddle - Bartender
Lawrence Tierney - Man in Coffee Shop
Bobo Lewis - Lady in Coffee Shop
B. Constance Barry - Wedding Guest
Kurt Schlesinger - Wedding Guest
Judi Passeltiner - Wedding Guest

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