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- Craig Schwartz
Cameron Diaz - Lotte Schwartz
Ned Bellamy - Derek Mantini
Eric Weinstein - Father at Puppet Show
Madison Lanc - Daughter at Puppet Show
Octavia Spencer - Woman in Elevator
Mary Kay Place - Floris
Orson Bean - Dr. Lester
Catherine Keener - Maxine
K.K. Dodds - Wendy
Reginald C. Hayes - Don
Byrne Piven - Captain Mertin
Judith Wetzell - Tiny Woman
John Malkovich - John Horatio Malkovich
Kevin Carroll - Cab Driver
Willie Garson - Guy in Restaurant
W. Earl Brown - First J.M. Inc. Customer
Charlie Sheen - Charlie
Gerald Emerick - Sad Man in Line
Bill M. Ryusaki - Mr. Hiroshi
Carlos Jacott - Larry the Agent
James Murray - Student Puppeteer
Richard Fancy - Johnson Heyward
Patti Tippo - Malkovich's Mother
Daniel Hansen - Boy Malkovich
Gregory Sporleder - Drunk at Bar
Mariah O'Brien - Girl Creeped Out by Malkovich
Kelly Teacher - Emily
Jacqueline Benoît - Lester's Friend
William Buck - Lester's Friend
Christine D. Coleman - Lester's Friend
Jeanne Diehl - Lester's Friend
Audrey Gelfund - Lester's Friend
Yetta Ginsburg - Lester's Friend
Sylvester Jenkins - Lester's Friend
Roy C. Johnson - Lester's Friend
Eddie J. Low - Lester's Friend
Ralph W. Spaulding - Lester's Friend
David Wyler - Lester's Friend
Flori Wyler - Lester's Friend
Kevin Lee - Ballet Dancer
Marlowe Bassett - Ballet dancer
Jennifer Canzoneri - Ballet Dancer
Kristie Cordle - Ballet Dancer
Denise Dabrowski - Ballet Dancer
Kristin D'Andrea - Ballet Dancer
Charlene Grimsley - Ballet Dancer
Christine Krejer - Ballet Dancer
Erica Long - Ballet Dancer
Yvonne Montelius - Ballet Dancer
Jessica Neuberger - Ballet Dancer
Sara Rifkin - Ballet Dancer
Elizabeth Rivera - Ballet Dancer
Chelsa Sjostrom - Ballet Dancer
Pamela Hayden - Featured Characer Voice
Jayne Hess - Featured Characer Voice
Michelle Madden - Featured Characer Voice
Greg O'Neill - Featured Characer Voice
Neil Ross - Featured Characer Voice
Bill Wittman - Featured Characer Voice
David Fincher - Christopher Bing
Jester Hairston - Lester's Friend
Isaac Hanson - Himself (Awards Ceremony)
Jordan Taylor Hanson - Himself
Zac Hanson - Himself
Dustin Hoffman - Willy Loman
Victor Isaac - Student
Spike Jonze - Derek Mantini's Assistant for Emily Dickinson Puppet
Sean Penn - Himself
Brad Pitt - Himself
Gary Sinise - Stage Role
Andy Dick - Himsel
Winona Ryder - Herself
Kacee DeMasi - Cab driver

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