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- Andrew Martin
Embeth Davidtz - Little Miss Amanda Martin/Portia Charney
Sam Neill - 'Sir' Richard Martin
Oliver Platt - Rupert Burns
Kiersten Warren - Galatea
Wendy Crewson - Ma'am
Hallie Kate Eisenberg - 7 Year Old 'Little Miss' Amanda Martin
Lindze Letherman - 9 Year Old 'Little Miss' Grace Martin
Angela Landis - 'Miss' Grace Martin
John Michael Higgins - Bill Feingold: Martin's Lawyer
Bradley Whitford - Lloyd Charney
Igor Hiller - 10 Year Old Lloyd Charney
Joe Bellan - Robot Delivery Man
Brett Wagner - Robot Delivery Man
Stephen Root - Dennis Mansky: Head of Northam Robotics
Scott Waugh - Motorcycle Punk
Quinn Smith - Frank Charney
Kristy Connelly - Monica
Jay Johnston - Charles
George Wallace - Male President
Lynne Thigpen - President Marjorie Bota
Ples Griffin - Zimbabwe Representative
Marcia Pizzo - Lloyd's Wife
Paula DuPré Pesman - Feingold's Assistant
Clarke Devereux - Priest
Bruce Kenneth Wagner - Engagement Party Guest
Paula West - Singer
Kevin 'Tiny' Ancell - Restoration Worker #1
Richard Cross - Restoration Worker #2
Adam Bryant - Humanoid Head
Eric Fiedler - Puppeteer
Billy Bryan - Puppeteer
Christopher Nelson - Puppeteer
Jim Kundig - Puppeteer
Terry Sandin - Puppeteer
Mike Elizalde - Puppeteer
Mark Garbarino - Puppeteer
Christian Ristow - Puppeteer
Leonard MacDonald - Puppeteer
Dan Rebett - Puppeteer
Bernhard Eicholz - Puppeteer
Evan Brainard - Puppeteer
Benny Buettner - Puppeteer
Kamela Portugues - Puppeteer
Michael Steffe - Puppeteer
Mark Walas - Puppeteer
Charles Ritter - Party Guest
Scott Trimble - Wedding Guest
Kenny Byerly - Wedding Guest
Merridee Book - World Congresswoman
Kimberly Delmer - Dancer

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