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- Mike Donnelly
David Spade - Steve Dodds
Tim Matheson - Al Donnelly
Christine Ebersole - Governor Tracy
Gary Busey - Drake Sabitch
Grant Heslov - Robbie Mieghem
Timothy Carhart - Roger Kovary
Bruce McGill - Neuschwender
Michael Patrick Carter - Scott Colleary
Boyd Banks - Clyde Spinoza
David St. James - Motorcycle Cop
Skip O'Brien - State Trooper
Branden R. Morgan - Fan
'Gypsy' - Pocket Pool Lady
John Ashker - Jim Blaine
William Howell - Rastafarian
Austin Kottke - Tough Kid
Toby Scott Ganger - Tough Kid
Dylan Lucas - Ricky
James Noah - Mayor
Chris Owen - Hal
Jonathan Everett Lewis - Carl
LaRita Shelby - Reporter
Karen Kahn - Anchor Woman
Laura Weekes - TV Reporter
Tucker Smallwood - Election Analyst
Mark Arm - Member of Mudhoney
Steven Neil Turner - Member of Mudhoney
Matt Lukin - Member of Mudhoney
Dan Peters - Member of Mudhoney
Kevin P. Farley - Bouncer
John Farley - Bouncer
Patrick Pankhurst - Donald Tracy
Luke Dickinson - Andrew Tracy
Fred Wolf - Ronald Forte
Patricia Place - Woman at Party
Anne O'Donnell - Election Worker
Kathleen O'Malley - Mrs. Oneacre
Jean Speegle Howard - Elderly Woman
Drew Wilson - Elderly Man
Michelle Burkette - Police Woman
Andrew Breymann - Hillbilly Kid

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