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- Miles Logan
Luke Wilson - Carlson
Peter Greene - Deacon
David Chappelle - Tulley
Nicole Ari Parker - Melissa Green
Graham Beckel - Rizzo
Robert Miranda - Glenfiddish
Olek Krupa - LaFleur
Saverio Guerra - Benny
Richard C. Sarafian - Uncle Lou
Tamala Jones - Janiece
Julio Oscar Mechoso - Diaz
Steve Rankin - Agent Gray
Carmen Argenziano - Captain Penelli
John Hawkes - Eddie
Frank Medrano - Frank
William Forsythe - Hardcastle
Octavia Spencer - Shawna
Timothy Dale Agee - Cop In Alley
Bayani Ison - Uniform Outside Station
Scott Sowers - Prison Guard #37
Christopher Stapleton - K-9 Cop
Eddy Donno - Guard One
Troy Gilbert - Guard Two
Kenny Endoso - Clerk
Googy Gress - Desk Sergeant
Robert LaSardo - Twitchy Suspect
Bill Ferrell - Cop In Elevator
Billy Williams - Cop In Gem Store Elevator
Greg Montgomery - Cop In Precinct
Jason Kravits - Customs Guy
Henry Hayashi - FBI Tech
James W. Gavin - Helicopter Pilot
Anne Marie Howard - Female Officer
Jane Carr - Museum Official
Brandon de Paul - Little Friend
Amy Oberer - Terrified Woman
Ash Winfield - Briefing Room Detective
Erik Rondell - Francois
J. Kenneth Campbell - Peterson
Joel Hurt Jones - Tipsy Cop
Darryl Brunson - Office Porter
Shawn Elaine Brown Chiquette - Friendly Officer
Christian Christiansen - Swat Team
Michael Grasso - Swat Team
John McCarthy - Swat Team
Jeff Xander - Thug
Damian Foster - Thug
Yetta Ginsburg - Repelled Passer-By
Daniel Rogerson - Chinese Delivery Man
Rocco Salata - EMT/Ambulance Driver
Ghetto Buck - Pizza Man

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