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- Ty Webb
Rodney Dangerfield - Al Czervik
Ted Knight - Judge Smails
Michael O'Keefe - Danny Noonan
Bill Murray - Carl Spackler
Sarah Holcomb - Maggie O'Hooligan
Scott Colomby - Tony D'Annunzio
Cindy Morgan - Lacey Underall
Dan Resin - Dr. Beeper
Henry Wilcoxon - The Bishop
Elaine Aiken - Mrs. Noonan
Albert Salmi - Mr. Noonan
Ann Ryerson - Grace
Brian Doyle-Murray - Lou Loomis
Hamilton Mitchell - Motormouth
Peter Berkrot - Angie D'Annunzio
John F. Barmon Jr. - Spaulding Smails
Lois Kibbee - Mrs. Smails
Brian McConnachie - Drew Scott
Tony Santini - Gatsby
Ann Crilley - Suki
Cordis Heard - Wally
Scott Sudden - Richard Richards
Jackie Davis - Smoke
Thomas A. Carlin - Sandy McFiddish
Minerva Scelza - Joey D'Annunzio
Kenneth Burritt - Mr. Havercamp
Rebecca Burritt - Mrs. Havercamp
Bobbie Kosstrin - Noble Noyes
Scott Jackson - Chuck Schick
Ron Frank - Pat Noonan
Patricia Wilcox - Nancy Noonan
Debi Frank - Kathleen Noonan
Tony Gulliver - Ray - Old Caddy
Kim Bordeaux - Pre-Deb
Lori Lowe - Pre-Deb
Marcus Breece - Lifeguard
Mark Chiriboga - Terry the Hippy
Fred Buch - Angry Husband
Frank Schuller - Charlie the Cook
Mel Pape - Butler
Marge McKenna - Lady On Boat
Bruce McLaughlin - Old Crony
Dennis McCormack - Dennis Noonan
Violet Ramis - Noonan Child
Judy Arman - Beeper's Girlfriend
Dr. Dow - Mr. Wang
Paige Coffman - Little Girl At Pool
Donna M. Wiggin - Woman At Pool
James Hotchkiss - Old Crony
Ted Swanson - Golf Pro
Anna Upstrom - Blonde Bombshell

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