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- Helen Lyle
Tony Todd - The Candyman/Daniel Robitaille
Xander Berkeley - Trevor Lyle
Kasi Lemmons - Bernadette Walsh
Vanessa Williams - Anne-Marie McCoy
DeJuan Guy - Jake
Marianna Elliott - Clara
Ted Raimi - Billy
Ria Pavia - Monica
Mark Daniels - Student
Lisa Ann Poggi - Diane
Adam Philipson - Danny
Eric Edwards - Harold
Carolyn Lowery - Stacey
Barbara Alston - Henrietta Mosely
Sarina C. Grant - Kitty Culver
Latesha Martin - Baby Anthony
Michael Culkin - Professor Philip Purcell
Bernard Rose - Archie Walsh
Glenda Starr Kelly - Crying Mother
Kenneth A. Brown - Castrated Boy
Caesar Brown - Tough Guy
Terrence Riggins - Gang Leader
Gilbert Lewis - Detective Frank Valento
Rusty Schwimmer - Policewoman
Baxter Harris - Detective
John Rensenhouse - Attorney
Mika Quintard - T.V. Reporter
Doug MacHugh - 1st Orderly
Carol Harris - 2nd Orderly
Stanley DeSantis - Dr. Burke
Diane Peterson - Nurse
Michael Wilhelm - Priest
Fred Sanders - Cop

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