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- Holden McNeil
Joey Lauren Adams - Alyssa Jones
Jason Lee - Banky Edwards
Dwight Ewell - Hooper LaMont
Jason Mewes - Jay
Kevin Smith - Silent Bob
Ethan Suplee - Fan
Scott Mosier - Collector
Casey Affleck - Little Kid
Guinevere Turner - Singer
Carmen Lee - Kim
Brian O'Halloran - Jim Hicks, Executive #1
Matt Damon - Shawn Oran, Executive #2
Alexander Goebbel - Train Kid
Tony Torn - Cashier
Rebecca Waxman - Dalia
Paris Petrick - Tory
Welker White - Jane
Kelli Simpkins - Nica
John Willyung - Cohee Lundin
Tse-Mach Washington - Young Black Kid
Ernest O'Donnell - Bystander
Kristin Mosier - Waitress
Virginia Smith - Con Woman
Walter Flanagan - Walt Grover, the Fanboy
Bryan Johnson - Steve-Dave Pulasti
Vincent Pereira - Startled Pinball Player
Joe Quesada - Himself
Mike Allred - Himself
Tim Cronin - Manager at Record Store
Illeana Douglas - Alyssa's Roommate

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