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- Jerry Fletcher/Dr. Fine
Julia Roberts - Alice Sutton
Patrick Stewart - Dr. Jonas/Henry Finch
Cylk Cozart - Agent Lowry/Hatcher
Steve Kahan - Mr. Wilson, Alice's Boss at Justice Dept.
Terry Alexander - Flip, News Vendor/Undercover Agent
Alex McArthur - Cynic
Rod McLachlan - Justice Guard
Michael Potts - Justice Guard
Jim Sterling - Justice Guard
Rich Hebert - Public Works Man
Brian J. Williams - Clarke
George Aguilar - Piper
Cece Neber Labao - Henry Finch's Secretary
Saxon Trainor - Alice's Secretary
Claudia Stedelin - Claudia (Wilson's Secretary)
Leonard Jackson - Old Man in Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Donal Gibson - Doctor in Roosevelt Hospital
Joanna Sanchez - Nurse in Roosevelt Hospital
Michael Shamus Wiles - Cop in Roosevelt Hospital
Mik Scriba - Cop in Roosevelt Hospital
Patrick Wild - Intern in Jerry's Room
Mushond Lee - Intern
Kevin Kindlin - Intern
Troy Garity - Intern
J. Mills Goodloe - Jonas' Aide
Michael Kurtz - Well Dressed Man
Peter Koch - Fire Captain
Kevin Jackson - C.I.A. Agent
Nicholas Kusenko - C.I.A. Agent
Karl Makinen - C.I.A. Agent
Darren Peel - Geronimo Cleet
Marian Collier - Geronimo Cook
John Harms - Agent Murphy
Christine Toy - Barnes & Noble Bookstore Clerk
David Koch - Tech
Danny Smith - Tech
Juan A. Riojas - Tech
Paul Tuerpe - Cleet
Dean Winters - Cleet
José Ramón Rosario - Angry Vendor
Louis Cantarini - Angry Vendor
Sean Patrick Thomas - Surveillance Operator
Peter Jacobson - Surveillance Operator
Edita Brychta - Henry Finch's Receptionist
Sage Allen - Grouchy Nurse
Thomas McCarthy - Helicopter Spotter
K.T. Vogt - Woman in Mental Hospital
Joshua Fardon - Hospital Guard
Joan Lunden - T.V. Announcer
Charles McDaniel - Bureaucrat
Matte Osian - Operative
Dave Simonds - Operative
Rick Hoffman - Night Security, Federal Building
Edward J. Rosen - Old Man in Diner
Bert Remsen - Judge Sutton, Alice's Father
Lincoln Simonds - Cop by Laundry Chute
Bill Henderson - Hospital Security
Jay Fiondella - Patient
James Oliver - Man in Justice Department
Kerry McCullen Palmisano - Nurses' Aide
Victory Palmisano - Nurses' Aide
Kate Bayley - Nurses' Aide
Irene Hilleary - Justice Department Receptionist
Stephen Liska - Hospital Orderly
Don Stanley - Justice Department Guard
Lorna R. Millen - Charge Nurse
Brad Rea - Spotter
Jim Van Wyck - Spotter
Jayson Merrill - Spotter
Dan Cracchiolo - Spotter
John Schwartzman - Sniper
Raymond King - Bucket Drummer
Jared Crawford - Bucket Drummer
Jeremy A. Graham - Rapper
Chad Santiago - Rapper
Christo Morse - Taxi Patron
H. Clay Dear - Traffic Cop
Daniel Nugent - Traffic Cop
Andrew Lauren - Lawyer
Tom Schanley - Lawyer
Kenneth Tigar - Lawyer
Maureen Lauder - Lady with Dog
Judith Woodbury - Woman Lawyer
James W. Gavin - Helicopter Pilot
Al Cerullo - Helicopter Pilot
Charles W. Robinson - Helicopter Pilot
Robert Chaves - Helicopter Pilot
Cliff Fleming - Helicopter Pilot
Steve Lee - Radio Talk Show voice
Erik L. Nelson - Loading Dock Man
Raffi Paloulian - Extra
John Schwartzman - Sniper
George Simpson - Radio Talk Show voice
Richard Donner - Cab passenger

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