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- Mitch Weaver
Jack Warden - Pops
Artie Lange - Sam McKenna
Traylor Howard - Kathy
Don Rickles - Mr. Hamilton
Christopher McDonald - Travis Cole
Chevy Chase - Dr. Farthing
Bradley Reid - Mitch (at 8 Years Old)
Matthew Steinberg - Mitch (at 16 Years Old)
Joseph Sicilia - Sam (at 8 Years Old)
Austin Pool - Sam (at 8 Years Old)
Gerry Mendicino - Manetti
A. Frank Ruffo - Aldo
Harant Alianak - Kirkpatrick
Michael Vollans - Derek (at 10 Years Old)
Grant Nickalls - Jason
Deborah Hinderstein - Charlene
Scott Gibson - Frat Guy
Laura Stone - Veronica
Polly Shannon - Toni-Ann
Rummy Bishop - Homeless Guy at Apartment
James Carroll - Middle-Aged Guy
Henry Chan - Doctor at Fat Clinic
David Koechner - Anton Phillips
Paul O'Sullivan - A.D.
Uni Park - Lin Young the Saigon Whore
Boyd Banks - Creepy Harry
B.J. McQueen - Big Wet Man
Tony Meyler - Lobby Henchman
Shane Daly - Door Henchman
James Binkley - Unaffected Henchman
James Downey - Martin/Homeless Guy
Fred Wolf - Homeless Guy
Wilfrid Bray - Homeless Guy
Jessica Booker - Mrs. Murphy
Johnie Chase - Policeman
Conrad Bergschneider - Policeman
Kay Hawtrey - Gladys
Lloyd White - Ron
Dini Petty - Dini Petty
Mike Anscombe - Mike Anscombe
Howard Jerome - Foreman
Arturo Gil - Midget Paul
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos - Bearded Lady
Joslyn Wenn - Jenkins' Fantasy Girl
Robbie Rox - Huge Prisoner
Chris Gillett - Suit Guy
Kevin P. Farley - Theater Worker
Sanjay Talwar - Theater Worker
Trevor Bain - Henchman Jenkins
Gord Martineau - Gord Martineau
George Sperdakos - Opera Critic
Eleanor Doyes - Opera Critic's Date
Laura Pudwell - Opera Lady
Emilio Roman - Baritone Errante
George Chu - Ring Announcer
Gary Coleman - Gary Coleman
Ken Norton - Ken Norton
Christine Odom - Aunt Jenny
Robert Shipman - Crossing Guard
Richard Sali - Ed
Silvio Oliviero - Low Life
Mif - Low Life
Cliff Saunders - Thief
Bess Motta - Aerobics Instructor
Arlaine Wright - Aerobics Instructor
Chris Farley - Jimmy
John Goodman - Adrian Riggins the Mayor
Adam Sandler - Satan
Michael Stevens - Rock Guitarist

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