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- Chief Wyatt Rash
Bette Midler - Mona Dearly
Neve Campbell - Ellen Rash
Jamie Lee Curtis - Rona Mace
Casey Affleck - Bobby Kalzone
William Fichtner - Phil Dearly
Marcus Thomas - Jeff Dearly
Peter Dobson - Lt. Feege Gruber
Kathleen Wilhoite - Lucinda, Wrecker Service
Tracey Walter - Clarence
Will Ferrell - Cubby the Funeral Director
Paul Ben-Victor - Deputy Tony Carlucci
Paul Schulze - Deputy Jimmy D.
Mark Pellegrino - Murph Kalzone, Hide Away Owner
Raymond O'Connor - Father Tom Stowick
Lisa Rieffel - Valerie Antonielli
Robert Arce - Doctor Schwartz
Brittany Peterson - Marla Lasala
Philip Perlman - Charm Motel Cashier
Melissa McCarthy - Shirley
Jason Monkarsh - Benny
Brian Doyle-Murray - Tow Truck Driver
Yul Vazquez - French Instructor
Tim Pagnotta - 'Rock Band' lead singer
Airin - 'Rock Band' bassist
Ben Davis - 'Rock Band' drummer
Linda Carol - Townsfolk

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