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- James T. "Jim" McAllister
Reese Witherspoon - Tracy Enid Flick
Loren Nelson - Custodian
Chris Klein - Paul Metzler
Phil Reeves - Principal Walter "Walt" F. Hendricks
Emily Martin - Girl in Crisis
Jonathan Marion - Classroom Student Eric
Amy Falcone - Classroom Student Michele
Mark Harelik - Dave Novotny
Delaney Driscoll - Linda Novotny
Molly Hagan - Diane McAllister
Colleen Camp - Judith R. Flick
Matt Justesen - 'Eat Me' Boy
Nick Kenny - 'Eat Me' Boy's Buddy
Brian Tobin - Adult Video Actor
Christa Young - Adult Video Actress
David Wenzel - Tracy's Friend Eric
Jessica Campbell - Tammy Metzler
Frankie Ingrassia - Lisa Flanagan
Joel Parks - Jerry Slavin
Matt Malloy - Vice-Principal Ron Bell
Larry Kaiser - Chemistry Teacher
Holmes Osborne - Dick Metzler
Jeanine Jackson - Jo Metzler
Marilyn Tipp - Carver Office Lady
Jeannie Brayman - Faculty Ballot-Giver
Nick D'Agosto - Larry Fouch
James Devney - Motel Clerk
L. Carmen Novoa - Spanish Teacher
Jason Paige - Kid in Georgetown Hall
Matt Golden - Kid in Georgetown Hall
Heather Koenig - Kid in Georgetown Hall
Jillian Crane - Jillian
Rob Kunkel - Bob the Mechanic
Rohan Quine - Village Guy

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