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- King Arthur
Helen Mirren - Morgana
Nicholas Clay - Lancelot
Cherie Lunghi - Guenevere
Paul Geoffrey - Perceval
Nicol Williamson - Merlin
Robert Addie - Mordred
Gabriel Byrne - Uther Pendragon
Keith Buckley - Uryens
Katrine Boorman - Igrayne
Liam Neeson - Gawain
Corin Redgrave - Cornwall
Niall O'Brien - Kay
Patrick Stewart - Leondegrance
Clive Swift - Ector
Ciarán Hinds - Lot
Liam O'Callaghan - Sadok
Michael Muldoon - Astamor
Charley Boorman - Boy Mordred
Gerard Mannix Flynn - Mordred's Lieutenant
Garrett Keogh - Mador
Emmet Bergin - Ulfus
Barbara Bryne - Young Morgana
Brid Brennan - Lady in Waiting
Kay McLaren - Aged Morgana
Eamon A. Kelly - Abbot
Telsche Boorman - Lady of the Lake
Prudence Wright Holmes - Sunshine

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