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- Alex Whitman
Salma Hayek - Isabel Fuentes
Jon Tenney - Jeff
Carlos Gómez - Chuy, Isabel's Ex Boyfriend
Tomas Milian - Tomas Fuentes (Isabel's father)
Siobhan Fallon - Lanie, Isabel's Roomate
John Bennett Perry - Richard Whitman, Alex's Father
Stanley DeSantis - Judd Marshall, Alex's Boss
Suzanne Snyder - Cathy Stewart, Alex's Long Time Friend
Anne Betancourt - Amalia
Jill Clayburgh - Nan Whitman, Alex's Mom
Angelina Calderón Torres - Great Grandma
Debby Shively - Donna, Construction Secretary
Mark Adair-Rios - Juan Fuentes
Annie Combs - Dr. Lisa Barnes, OBGYN
Shelley Morrison - Aunt Carmen
María Cellario - Aunt Yolanda
Irene Hernández - Aunt Rosa
Josh Cruze - Antonio Fuentes
Angela Lanza - Petra
Randy Sutton - Dam Policeman Delivering Baby
Christopher Michael - Dam Policeman Delivering Baby
Angel Valdez - Carlos
César Santana - Enrique
Garret Davis - Stanley, OSHA Rep
Chris O'Neill - Priest on Street
John Tripp - Man in Lobby
Andrew Hill Newman - Assorted Cheeses
Christopher Bauer - Phil
Douglas Weston - Hank
Rupert Baca - Porter
Jan Austell - Bruce Stewart, Cathy's Father
Cydney Arther - Deane Stewart, Cathy's Mother
Leslie Silva - Divorce Papers Process Server
Maryann Plunkett - Heleport Mother with Little Isabel
Juel Mendel - Dr. Barnes Receptionist
Eddie Powers - Elvis at Wedding Chappel
Salvador Saldaña - Mariachi Singer
Robert Arevalo - Miguel Fuentes
Jay So - Clubgoer
Sheila Surkes Scotti - Aunt Josie
Beth Broderick - Tracey Burnham

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