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- Sam Wheat
Demi Moore - Molly Jensen
Tony Goldwyn - Carl Bruner
Whoopi Goldberg - Oda Mae Brown
Stanley Lawrence - Elevator Man
Christopher J. Keene - Elevator Man
Susan Breslau - Susan
Martina Deignan - Rose
Rick Kleber - Mover
Macka Foley - Mover
Rick Aviles - Willie Lopez, Burgler
Phil Leeds - Emergency Room Ghost
John Hugh - Surgeon
Sam Tsoutsouvas - Minister
Sharon Breslau - Cemetary Ghost
Vincent Schiavelli - Subway Ghost
Angelina Estrada - Rosa Santiago
Armelia McQueen - Oda Mae's Sister
Gail Boggs - Oda Mae's Sister
Thom Curley - Workman in Loft
Stephen Root - Detective Sergeant NYPD
Laura Drake - NYPD Policewoman Sergeant
Augie Blunt - Orlando
Alma Beltran - Woman Ghost
Vivian Bonnell - Ortisha
Derek Thompson - Ortisha's Friend
J. Christopher Sullivan - Man Ghost
Charlotte Zucker - Bank Officer
Tom Finnegan - Bank Guard
Bruce Jarchow - Lyle Furgeson, Bank Official
Sondra Rubin - Nun at St. Joseph's Shelter for the Homeless
Faye Brenner - Nun at St. Joseph's Shelter for the Homeless
William Cort - Bank Co-Worker
Minnie Summers Lindsey - Apartment Woman
Mabel Lockridge - Apartment Woman
Said Faraj - Cab Driver
Mike Jittlov - Dark Spirits

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