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- Simon Baines
Taye Diggs - Marcus
William Fichtner - Burke
J.E. Freeman - Victor Sr.
Katie Holmes - Claire Montgomery
Jane Krakowski - Irene
Breckin Meyer - Tiny
Jay Mohr - Zack
Timothy Olyphant - Todd Gaines
Sarah Polley - Ronna Martin
Scott Wolf - Adam
James Duval - Singh
Nathan Bexton - Mannie
Jay Paulson - Loop
Jimmy Shubert - Victor Jr.
Suzanne Krull - Stringy Haired Woman
Robert Peters - Switterman
Jodi Bianca Wise - Ballerina Girl
Rita Bland - Dancing Register Woman
Tony Denman - Track Suit Guy
Scott Hass - Raver Dude
Natasha Melnick - Anorexic Girl
Manu Intiraymi - Skate Punk Guy
Josh Paddock - Spider Marine
Courtland Mead - Boy
Katharine Towne - Becky
Marisa Johnston - Rebecca
Ken Kupstis - Sports Car Man
Nikki Fritz - Noelle
Tane McClure - Holly
Melissa McCarthy - Sandra
Shann Beeman - Jimmy
Willie Amakye - Waiter
Sean Everett - Shooting Bartender
Walt G. Ludwig - Strip Club Patron
Corey Meisner - Police Officer at desk in the LAPD's Hollywood Station
Telly Savalas - Himself (in gambling video)
Bill Swann - Elevator Man
J. Karen Thomas - Nurse
Meg Brown - Elevator Woman

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