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- Airman 1st Class Adrian Cronauer
Forest Whitaker - Private 1st Class Edward Montesque Garlick
Tung Thanh Tran - Tuan (A.K.A. Phan Duc To)
Chintara Sukapatana - Trinh
Bruno Kirby - 2nd Lieutenant Steven Hauk
Robert Wuhl - Staff Sgt. Marty Lee Dreiwitz
J.T. Walsh - Sergeant Major Phillip 'Dick' Dickerson
Noble Willingham - Brigadier General Tayler
Richard Edson - Private Abersold
Juney Smith - Sgt. Phil McPherson
Richard Portnow - Dan 'The Man' Levitan
Floyd Vivino - Eddie Kirk
Cu Ba Nguyen - Jimmy Wah, Owner Jimmy Wah's
Dan Stanton - Staff Sgt. Censor #1
Don Stanton - Staff Sgt. Censor #2
Danny Aiello III - Military Policeman (M.P.) #1
John Marshall Jones - Military Policeman (M.P.) #2
James McIntire - Sergeant #1 at Jimmy Wah's
Peter Mackenzie - Sergeant #2 at Jimmy Wah's
No Tran - Vietnamese Student
Hoa Nguyen - Vietnamese Student
Uikey Kuay - Vietnamese Student
Suvit Abakaz - Vietnamese Student
Panas Wiwatpanachat - Vietnamese Student
Lerdcharn Namkiri - Vietnamese Student
Hanh Hi Nguyen - Vietnamese Student
Tuan Lai - Vietnamese Student
Boonchai Jakraworawut - Vietnamese Student
Joe B. Veokeki - Vietnamese Student
Wichien Chaopramong - Vietnamese Student
Kien Chufak - Vietnamese Student
Prasert Tangpantarat - Vietnamese Student
Tim O'Hare - Convoy Soldier
John Goyer - Convoy Soldier
Louis Hood - Convoy Soldier
Christopher Mangan - Convoy Soldier
Kenneth Pitochelli - Convoy Soldier
Jonathan MacLeod - Convoy Soldier
Gregg T. Knight - Convoy Soldier
Ralph Tabakin - Chaplain Captain Noel
Sangad Sangkao - Viet Cong Leader in Jungle
Vanlap Sangko - Viet Cong Leader in Jungle
Richard Nixon - Himself (explains situation in Vietnam)

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