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- Thurgood Jenkins/Sir Smoke-a-lot
Guillermo Díaz - Scarface
Jim Breuer - Brian
Harland Williams - Kenny Davis
Rachel True - Mary Jane Potman
Clarence Williams III - Samson Simpson
Laura Silverman - Jan
Tommy Chong - Squirrel Master
R.D. Reid - Scientist
Gregg Rogell - Pothead
Kevin Brennan - Pothead
Alice Poon - Supply Clerk
Rick Demas - Nasty Nate
David Bluestein - Jerry Garcia
Kevin Duhaney - Young Thurgood
Matthew Raposo - Young Scarface
James Cooper - Young Brian
Michael Colton - Young Kenny
Paul Brogren - Burger Customer
Neal Brennan - Employee
Karen Waddell - Record Store Employee
Vincent Marino - Bodega Man
Domencio 'Macio' Parrilla - Rasta Man
Marcus Burrowes - Rasta Man
Mark Henriques - Delivery Guy
Jenni Burke - Overwight Woman
Gwenne Hudson - Bong Genie
David Mucci - Horse Cop
Reg Dreger - Judge
Kevin Rushton - Inmate
Paul Saunders - Doorman
Kyrin Hall - Henchwoman
Joanna Bacalso - Henchwoman
C.J. Fidler - Henchwoman
Angelica Lisk - Henchwoman
Jacqueline Anderson - Henchwoman
Stephanie Bourgeois - Henchwoman
Ho Chow - Hot Dog Vendor
Rummy Bishop - Homeless Guy
Jon Stewart - Enhancement Smoker
Snoop Dogg - Scavenger Smoker
Stephen Baldwin - McGayver Smoker
Marc Cohen - McGayver Friend
Tracy Morgan - V.J.
David Edwards - Addict
Paulino Nunes - Swat Cop
Jason Blicker - Detective
Dave Nichols - Detective
Sharon Brown - Talking Joint
Christopher Mugglebee - Security Guard
Raymond Hinton - Security Guard
David Sutcliffe - After School Dad
Daniel DeSanto - After School Son
Gladys O'Connor - Grandma Smoker
Willie Nelson - Historian Smoker
Bob Saget - Cocaine Addict
Steven Wright - The Guy on the Couch
Janeane Garofalo - I'm Only Creative When I Smoke Smoker

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