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- Happy Gilmore
Christopher McDonald - Shooter McGavin
Julie Bowen - Virginia Venit
Frances Bay - Grandma Gilmore
Carl Weathers - Chubbs Peterson
Allen Covert - Otto
Robert Smigel - I.R.S. Agent
Bob Barker - Himself
Richard Kiel - Mr. Larson
Dennis Dugan - Doug Thompson
Joe Flaherty - Donald
Lee Trevino - Himself
Kevin Nealon - Gary Potter
Verne Lundquist - Himself
Jared Van Snellenberg - Happy's Waterbury Caddy
Ken Camroux - Coach
Rich Elwood - Assistant Coach
Nancy McClure - Terry
Helena Yea - Chinese Lady
William Sasso - Mover
Dee Jay Jackson - Mover
Ellie Harvie - Registrar
Ian Boothby - Guy on Green
Andrew Johnston - Crowd Guy (Waterbury)
Kim Restell - Crowd Girl (Waterbury)
Fred Perron - Waterbury Heckler
Helen Honeywell - Crazy Old Lady
Paul Raskin - Starter #1 (Waterbury)
William Samples - Starter #2 (AT&T)
John Shaw - Daniel Lafferty
Ted Deekan - Auctioneer
John B. Destry - Zamboni Driver
James Crescenzo - Shooter's AT&T Caddy
Brett Armstrong - Shooter's Tournament Caddy
Peter Kelamis - Potter's Caddy
Stephen Tibbetts - Pro Golfer
Edward Lieberman - Pro Golfer
Donald MacMillan - Young Happy
Louis O'Donoghue - Happy's Dad
Lisanne Collett - Happy's Mom
Stephen Dimopoulos - Italian Guy
Douglas Newell - Starter #4 (Pro-Am)
Frank L. Frazier - Blue Collar Fan
David Kaye - Reporter
Zachary Webb - Batting Kid
Simon Webb - Doctor
Mark Lye - Mark Lye
Betty Linde - Elderly Woman
Dave Cameron - Reporter #2
Lou Kliman - Reporter #3
Brent Chapman - Official
Jessica Gunn - Signed Chest Woman
Phillip Beer - Cowboy Joe
Fat Jack - Jack Beard
Michelle Holdsworth - Babe on Green
Charles L. Brame - Abe Lincoln
Joe Sakic - Player at Hockey Tryouts
Ben Stiller - Orderly in Nursing Home
Carrie Fleming - Donna

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