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- Captain James S. Hook
Robin Williams - Peter Banning/Peter Pan
Julia Roberts - Tinkerbell
Bob Hoskins - Smee, Captain Hook's Servant/Garbage Sweeper in Kensington Gardens
Maggie Smith - Granny Wendy Moira Angela Darling/Middle-Aged Wendy
Caroline Goodall - Moira Banning
Charlie Korsmo - Jack 'Jackie' Banning
Amber Scott - Maggie Banning
Laurel Cronin - Liza, Wendy's house keeper
Phil Collins - Inspector Good
Arthur Malet - Tootles
Isaiah Robinson - Pockets (Lost Boy)
Jasen Fisher - Ace (Lost Boy)
Dante Basco - Rufio, King of the Lost Boys
Raushan Hammond - Thud Butt (Lost Boy)
James Madio - Don't Ask (Lost Boy)
Thomas Tulak - Too Small (Lost Boy)
Alex Zuckerman - Latchboy (Lost Boy)
Ahmad Stoner - No Nap (Lost Boy)
Bogdan Georghe - Lost Boy
Adam McNatt - Lost Boy
René González Jr. - Additional Lost Boy
Brian Willis - Additional Lost Boy
Brett Willis - Additional Lost Boy
Ryan Francis - Young Peter Pan
Maxwell Hoffman - 5-Year-Old Peter Pan
Kelly Rowan - Jane Banning (Peter's Mother)
Stephanie Furst - Mermaid
Shannon Marie Kies - Mermaid
Regina Russell - Mermaid
Jewel Newlander Hubbard - Peter Pan in Play
Jeannine Renshaw - Drama Teacher
Rebecca Hoffman - Jane in Play
Jeannine Wagner - Pianist
Francesca Serrano - Lost Boy in Play
Kevin Gasca - Lost Boy in Play
Andre Bollinger - Lost Boy in Play
Lauren Friedler-Gow - Lost Boy in Play
Bryce Armstrong - Lost Boy in Play
Margie Takeda - Lost Boy in Play
Alyson Healing - Lost Boy in Play
Zoe Koehler - Lost Boy in Play
Scott Williamson - Coach
Wayne Aten - Umpire
Michael Hirshenson - Umpire
Jake Hoffman - Little League Player
Geoff Lower - Brad
Don S. Davis - Dr. Fields
Cameron Thor - Ron
Brad Parker - Jim
Brenda Isaacs - Secretary
Jan Cobler - Secretary
Ruth de Sosa - Secretary
Stuart White - Chauffeur
Gwyneth Paltrow - Young Wendy Moira Angela Darling
Don McLeod - Mime/Shadow
Kim O'Kelley - Prostitute
Beverly Polcyn - Prostitute
Randi Pareira - Prostitute
Mary Bond Davis - Prostitute
David Crosby - Tickles
Nick Tate - Noodler
Tony Burton - Bill Jukes
Glenn Close - Gutless
Nick Ullett - Pirate Jailer
Matthew Van Ginkel - Baby Peter Banning
Ray Tveden - Man in Stands
Kim Robillard - Toothless Cripple
Michael Runyard - Screaming Pirate
Gary Epper - Growling Pirate
Rick Kleber - Pirate
George Lucas - Man kissing on bridge
Bruce Mahler - Pirate
John Michael - Doctor
Jimmy Buffett - Shoe Stealing Pirate
Lonnie Burr - Pegleg
Robert Amico - Pirate
Brian DiMuccio - Pirate
Lisa Wilhoit - Baby Tinkerbell
Carrie Fisher - Woman kissing on bridge

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