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- Anton
Seth Green - Mick
Elden Henson - Pnub
Jessica Alba - Molly
Christopher Hart - The Hand
Vivica A. Fox - Debi
Jack Noseworthy - Randy
Katie Wright - Tanya
Sean Whalen - McMacy
Nicholas Sadler - Ruck
Fred Willard - Dad
Connie Ray - Mom
Steve Van Wormer - Curtis
Kelly Monaco - Tiffany
Timothy Stack - Principal Tidwell
Joey Slotnick - Burger Jungle Manager
Sabrina Lu - News Reporter
Kyle Gass - Burger Jungle Guy
Mindy Sterling - Lady Bowler
Donna W. Scott - Nurse
Randy Oglesby - Sheriff Buchanan
Molly Maslin - Chaperone
Carl Gabriel Yorke - Chaperone
Dexter Holland - Band Lead Singer
Rodman Flender - Silhouette outside front window
Greg K - Band Base Guitar Player
Noodles - Band Guitar Player
Ron Welty - Band Drummer
Thomas DeLonge - Widow server at Burger Jungle
Bree Michael Warner - Party Girl

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