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- Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan
John Malkovich - Mitch Leary/John Booth/James Carney
Rene Russo - Secret Service Agent Lilly Raines
Dylan McDermott - Secret Service Agent Al D'Andrea
Gary Cole - Secret Service Presidential Detail Agent-In-Charge Bill Watts
Fred Dalton Thompson - White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent
John Mahoney - Secret Service Director Sam Campagna
Gregory Alan Williams - Secret Service Agent Matt Wilder
Jim Curley - President/Traveler
Sally Hughes - First Lady
Clyde Kusatsu - F.B.I. Agent Jack Okura
Steve Hytner - F.B.I. Agent Tony Carducci
Tobin Bell - Mendoza
Bob Schott - Jimmy Hendrickson
Juan A. Riojas - Raul
Elsa Raven - Booth's Landlady
Arthur Senzy - Paramedic
Patrika Darbo - Pam Magnus
Mary Van Arsdel - Sally
Ryan Cutrona - L.A.P.D. Brass
Lawrence Lowe - F.B.I. Fingerprinting Technician
Brian Libby - F.B.I. Supervisor
Eric Bruskotter - Young Agent
Patrick Caddell - Political Speaker
John Heard - Professor Riger
Alan Toy - Walter Wickland
Carl Ciarfalio - C.I.A. Agent Collins
Walt MacPherson - Hunter
Robert Peters - Hunter
Tyde Kierney - Police Captain Howard
Anthony Peck - F.B.I. Official
Rick Hurst - Bartender
Doris E. McMillon - D.C. News Anchor
Robert Sandoval - Bellboy
Joshua Malina - Secret Service Agent Chavez
William G. Schilling - Sanford Riggs, Director California Victory Fund
Michael Kirk - Computer Technician/Bates
Richard G. Camphuis - Party Fat Cat
Marlan Clarke - Marge
Robert Alan Beuth - Man at Bank
Susan Lee Hoffman - Woman at Bank
Donna Hamilton - Reporter at Dulles
Bob Jimenez - Reporter at Hotel
Cylk Cozart - Agent Cozart
Michael Zurich - Agent Zurich
Rich DiDonato - Undercover Agent
Jeffrey Kurt Miller - Undercover Agent
Kirk Jordan - Agent
Michael Graziano - C.I.A. Agent Fleming
Aaron Michael Lacey - Police Officer
Steve Railsback - C.I.A. Agent David Coppinger
Michael Werckle - Photographer
Ian Paul Cassidy - Secret Service Agent

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