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- Julianne 'Jules' Potter
Dermot Mulroney - Michael 'Mike' O'Neal
Cameron Diaz - Kimberly 'Kim/Kimmy' Wallace
Rupert Everett - George Downes
Philip Bosco - Walter Wallace
M. Emmet Walsh - Joe O'Neal
Rachel Griffiths - Samantha Newhouse
Carrie Preston - Mandy Newhouse
Susan Sullivan - Isabelle Wallace
Christopher Masterson - Scotty O'Neal
Raci Alexander - Title Sequence Performer #1
Jennifer Garrett - Title Sequence Performer #2
Kelly Sheerin - Title Sequence Performer #3
Bree Turner - Title Sequence Performer #4
Cassie Creasy - Flower Girl
Lucina Paquet - Kimmy's Grandma
Aida Baggio - Old Woman #2
Shirley Kelly - Oldest Lady
George Bozonelos - Party Guest
Loretta Paoletti - Party Guest
Joseph Sikora - Stoner Guy #1
Shale Marks - Stoner Guy #2
Phillip Ingram - Wedding Singer
Rose Abdoo - Seamstress
JoBe Cerny - Tailor
Paul Giamatti - Richard (the Bellman)
Chef Charlie Trotter - Himself
Guillermo Tellez - Chef
Ned Schmidtke - Captain
Mark Swenson - Karaoke Singer
Mara Casey - Karaoke Girl
Tonray Ho - Karaoke Waitress
Michelle Hutchison - Drunken Trashy Girl
Robert Sutter - Crabhouse Pianist
Charlotte Zucker - Customer
Susan Breslau - Customer
Burton Zucker - Customer
Sharon Haight - Customer
Nydia Rodriguez Terracina - Walter's Secretary
Mike Bacarella - Office Janitor
Larry Santori - Conductor
Gene Janson - Sport Magazine Guy
Kevin Michael Doyle - Sport Magazine Guy
Scott Kuhagen - Werner
Sid Hillman - Dining Guest
Norman Merrill - Dining Guest
Renata Scott - Dining Guest
Anh Duong - Dining Guest
Harry Shearer - Jonathan P.F. Ritt, Poetry Reader
Jennifer McComb - Excited Woman
Mary-Pat Green - Angry Woman
Davenia McFadden - Angrier Woman
Jo Farkas - Loony Woman
Paul Gleixner - Maitre D'
Eric A. Pot - Florist
Chelcie Ross - Priest
Ray Uhler - Wedding Guest
Kathi Copeland - Singing Chef
Amy Danles - Intro Bridesmaid Number 2

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