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- Raymond Babbitt
Tom Cruise - Charlie Babbitt
Valeria Golino - Susanna
Gerald R. Molen - Dr. Bruner
Jack Murdock - John Mooney
Michael D. Roberts - Vern
Ralph Seymour - Lenny
Lucinda Jenney - Iris
Bonnie Hunt - Sally Dibbs
Kim Robillard - Small Town Doctor
Beth Grant - Mother at Farm House
Dolan Dougherty - Farm House Kid
Marshall Dougherty - Farm House Kid
Patrick Dougherty - Farm House Kid
John-Michael Dougherty - Farm House Kid
Peter Dougherty - Farm House Kid
Andrew Dougherty - Farm House Kid
Loretta Wendt Jolivette - Dr. Bruner's Secretary
Donald E. Jones - Minister at Funeral
Bryon P. Caunar - Man in Waiting Room
Donna J. Dickson - Nurse
Earl Roat - Man on Wallbrook Road
William Montgomery Jr. - Wallbrook Patient Entering TV Room
Elizabeth Lower - Bank Officer
Michael C. Hall - Police Officer at Accident
Robert W. Heckel - Police Officer at Accident
W. Todd Kenner - Police Officer at Accident
Kneeles Reeves - Amarillo Hotel Owner
Jack W. Cope - Irate Driver
Nick Mazzola - Blackjack Dealer
Ralph Tabakin - Shift Boss
Ray Baker - Mr. Kelso
Isadore Figler - Pit Boss
Ralph M. Cardinale - Pit Boss
Sam Roth - Floorman
Nanci M. Harvey - Lady at Blackjack Table
Kenneth E. Lowden - Guard in Video Room
Jocko Marcellino - Las Vegas Crooner
John Thorstensen - Train Conductor
Blanche Salter - Woman at Pancake Counter
Jake Hoffman - Boy at Pancake Counter
Royce D. Applegate - Voice-over Actor
June Christopher - Voice-over Actor
Anna Mathias - Voice-over Actor
Archie Hahn - Voice-over Actor
Luisa Leschin - Voice-over Actor
Ira Miller - Voice-over Actor
Chris Mulkey - Voice-over Actor
Tracy Newman - Voice-over Actor
Julie Payne - Voice-over Actor
Reni Santoni - Voice-over Actor
Bridget Sienna - Voice-over Actor
Ruth Silveira - Voice-over Actor
Jonathan Stark - Voice-over Actor
Lynne Marie Stewart - Voice-over Actor
Arnold F. Turner - Voice-over Actor
Gigi Vorgan - Voice-over Actor
Barry Levinson - Doctor
Aaron Weiler - Airport Security Guard
Richard A. Buswell - Car Driver

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