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- The Cable Guy, aka Ernie 'Chip' Douglas/Larry Tate/Ricky Ricardo
Matthew Broderick - Steven M. Kovacs
Leslie Mann - Robin Harris
Jack Black - Rick
George Segal - Steven's Father
Diane Baker - Steven's Mother
Ben Stiller - Sam Sweet/Stan Sweet
Eric Roberts - Eric Roberts
Janeane Garofalo - Medieval Waitress
Andy Dick - Medieval Host
Harry O'Reilly - Steven's Boss
David Cross - Sales Manager
Amy Stiller - Steven's Secretary
Owen Wilson - Robin's Date
Keith Gibbs - Basketball Player
Tommy Hinkley - Basketball Player
Shawn Michael Howard - Basketball Player
Jeff Kahn - Basketball Player
Suli McCullough - Basketball Player
Jeff Michalski - Basketball Player
Joel Murray - Basketball Player
Andrew Shaifer - Basketball Player
Cameron Starman - Cable Boy
Kathy Griffin - Cable Boy's Mother
Greg Hopla - Medieval Times Fighter
John Ferdinand - Medieval Times Fighter
Misa Koprova - Heather
Paul Greco - Raul
Aki Aleong - Karaoke Party Guest
Donna Hardy - Karaoke Party Guest
Lloyd Kino - Karaoke Party Guest
Sara Lowell - Karaoke Party Guest
Cynthia Mason - Karaoke Party Guest
Michael Rivkin - Karaoke Party Guest
Harper Roisman - Karaoke Party Guest
Sandra Thigpen - Karaoke Party Guest
Sean Whalen - Karaoke Party Guest
Marty Zagon - Karaoke Party Guest
Cynthia Lamontagne - Restaurant Hostess
James O'Connell - Bathroom Attendant
Douglas Robert Jackson - Bathroom Patron
Charles Napier - Arresting Officer
Christopher Michael - Arresting Officer
Charles Robinson - Steven's Lawyer
John F. O'Donohue - Prison Guard
Lydell M. Cheshier - Jail Inmate
Jason Larimore - Jail Inmate
Ahmad Reese - Jail Inmate
Emilio Rivera - Jail Inmate
Bob Odenkirk - Steven's Brother
Julie Hayden - Steven's Sister
Annabelle Gurwitch - Steven's Sister-in-Law
Blake Boyd - Steven's Brother-in-Law
Liza D'Agostino - Newsroom Researcher
Tabitha Soren - Tabitha Soren
Rikki Klieman - Rikki Klieman
Robert Simels - Robert Simels
Leonard O. Turner - Sam Sweet Judge
Carlo Allen - Sam Sweet Court Judge
Conrad Janis - Father 'Double Trouble'
Thomas Scott - Sam at 8 years
Steven Scott - Stan at 8 years
Christine Devine - Anchor Woman
Mark Thompson - Newsroom Reporter
Wendy L. Walsh - Reporter Outside Courtroom
Marion Dugan - Robin's Neighbor
Kyle Gass - Couch Potato
David Bowe - Helicopter Paramedic
Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc - Medivac Pilot
Jeremy Applegate - Serf #4
Robert Lyon Rasner - Serf #3
Bill Clinton - Himself
Adam Consolo - Serf #2
Barbara Babbin - Bar Patron

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