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  • A Christmas Story Cast:
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    - Mrs. Parker (Mother)
    Darren McGavin - Mr. Parker (The Old Man)
    Peter Billingsley - Ralph 'Ralphie' Parker
    Ian Petrella - Randy Parker

    A Christmas Story Quotes:

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    Randy: I CAN'T PUT MY ARMS DOWN!!!


    Randy: Meat-losse, meat-loaf, double beat-loaf...I HATE meatloaf.


    Narrator voice): In the heat of battle, my father wove a tapestry of obsenity that as far as we know, is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.


    Narrator voice): Some men are Baptists...others Catholics...My father was an Oldsmobile man.


    Narrator voice): Christmas was on its way! Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas around which the entire kid year revolved.

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