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  • American President Cast:
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    - President Andrew Shepherd
    Annette Bening - Sydney Ellen Wade
    Martin Sheen - A. J. MacInerney
    Michael J. Fox - Lewis Rothschild

    American President Quotes:

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    Sydney: I don't know how you do it!

    President: It's Arthur Murray...six lessons.

    Sydney: (giggles) That's not what I mean...Two hundred pairs of eyes are focused on you right now with two questions. Who is this girl and why is the President dancing with her?

    President: Well, first of all, the two-hundred pairs of eyes aren't focused on me...they're focused on you. And the answers are, Sydney Ellen Wade, and because she said yes.


    A.J.: The President can't just go out on a date!


    President: The White House is the single greatest home court advantage in the modern world.

    Sydney: I learned that one the hard way.


    President: 10:15 is American Fisheries?

    Janie: Yes sir, they're giving you a 200 pound halibut.

    President: Janie, make a note. We need to schedule more events where somebody gives me a really big fish.

    Janie: Yes sir!

    President: Janie, I'm kidding.

    Janie: Of course, sir.


    Louis: Mr. President, I really feel that....

    President: Louis, however much coffee you drink in the morning , I want you to reduce by half.

    Louis: I don't drink coffee, sir.

    President: Hit yourself over the head with a baseball bat, would you please?

    Louis: Yes, sir.

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