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    - Paul Vitti
    Billy Crystal - Ben Sobel, M.D.
    Lisa Kudrow - Laura MacNamara
    Chazz Palminteri - Primo Sidone

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    Dr. Sobel: Dad, you're not coming to my wedding?

    Dr. Sobel's Dad: We wanna be there, but I've got three book signings next weekend! I can't piss off these big bookstores! If I cancel, they stick me down on the bottom shelf....THAT'S the way they are!

    Dr. Sobel: I know, that's the word on the street. Barnes is okay, but that Noble is a vindictive prick!


    Jelly: I talked to a shrink one time...when I got sent upstate on trip.


    Caroline: But what should I doooo?

    Dr. Sobel: Well, the first thing I think that you should do, is to stop whining about this pathetic loser! FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! YOU ARE A TRADEGY QUEEN! STEVE DOESN'T LIKE ME! STEVE DOESN'T RESPECT ME! OH WHO GIVES A SHIT! GET A FUCKIN' LIFE!!!


    Caroline: I just cannot believe that it's over between me and Steve, you know? I mean, maybe there's still hope!

    Dr. Sobel: Well, he did take out a restraining order against you, and I have to be honest, that's usually not a good sign.


    Dr. Sobel: Oedipus was a Greek king who killed his father and married his mother.

    Paul Vitti: (Sighs)....Fuckin' Greeks!

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