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  • Armageddon Cast:
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    - Harry S. Stamper
    Billy Bob Thornton - Dan Truman, NASA Administrator
    Ben Affleck - A.J. Frost
    Liv Tyler - Grace Stamper

    Armageddon Quotes:

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    John Mahon (I) as Karl: I want to name her Dottie, after my wife. She's a vicious life-sucking bitch from which there is no escape.


    Liv Tyler as Grace Stamper: The first time I got my period Rock had to take me into Taipei for Tampax and then he had to show me how to use 'em, Harry! Rockhound ..."Oh! Uh, no, I told her how to use them, I didn't show her, Harry!


    Harry: Yeah, one more thing, umm... None of them wanna pay taxes again... Ever." 


    Truman: Well, our object collision budget's a million dollars. That allows us to track about 3% of the sky, and begging your pardon sir, but it's a big-ass sky.


    Keith David (I) as General Kimsey: We spend two hundred and fifty billion dollars a year on defense, and here we are, the fate of the planet is in the hands of a bunch of retards I wouldn't trust with a potato gun!

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