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  • Bad Boys Cast:
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    - Marcus Burnett
    Will Smith - Mike Lowrey
    Téa Leoni - Julie Mott
    Tchéky Karyo - Fouchet

    Bad Boys Quotes:

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    Marcus: I'm a Bad Boy...

    Marcus & Mike: (singing)Bad Boys, Bad Boys... What you gonna do?


    Julie: I don't eat flesh.

    Marcus: Say what?

    Julie: That's flesh that you're shoveling into your mouth. You know, that was like, a living, breathing creature, you know it probably had a name.

    Marcus: It's just bologna. My bologna has a first name.


    Marcus: (sniffs air) You fart?

    Mike: No...

    Mike & Marcus: Dead guy...


    Julie: I thought that.. yknow.. I thought maybe you were gay.

    Marcus: That I was gay?... No. No no no baby...

    Julie: I didin't mean to offend you.. it's like OK to be a homosexual, Mike.

    Marcus: Your not listenin'... it's not registerin'...OK? Believe me,... did you sleep in the bed? You didn't feel the dents? Yeah the dents come from all that. That's how it gets down. OK?

    Julie: Oh, that's... sweet.

    Marcus: Gay... psshh... if I was I'd change the drapes on this motherfucker.


    Marcus: I'm married. That's what married means. It means you sleep together, but you can't get none..

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