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    - Thomas a Becket
    Peter O'Toole - King Henry II
    John Gielgud - King Louis VII
    Donald Wolfit - Bishop Folliot

    Becket Quotes:

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    King Henry: Alright, Gentlemen! The Council is open!


    Thomas Becket: Tonight you can do me the honor of christening my forks.

    King Henry: Forks?

    Thomas Becket: Yes, from Florence. New little invention. It's for pronging meat and carrying it to the mouth. Saves you from dirtying your fingers.

    King Henry: But then you dirty for fork.

    Thomas Becket: Yes, but it's washable.

    King Henry: So are your fingers! I don't see the point!

    Thomas Becket: Well, it hasn't any practically speaking, but it's refined, it's subtle, it's very.....un-Norman.

    King Henry: Hahaha! You must order me some!


    Thomas Becket: Honor is a concern of the living. One cannot very well be concerned with it once one's dead.

    King Henry: You're too clever for me Thomas. But I know there's something not quite right about your reasoning.


    Thomas Becket: Honor is a private matter within. It's an idea. Every man has his own version of it.

    King Henry: How gracefully you tell your king to mind his own business.


    King Henry: Well, Thomas Becket. Are you satisfied? Here I am....stripped...kneeling at your tomb. While those treacherous Saxon monks of yours are getting ready to thrash me. Me! With my delicate skin. I bet you'd never have done the same for me.

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