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  • Billy Madison Cast:
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    - Billy Madison
    Darren McGavin - Brian Madison
    Bridgette Wilson - Veronica Vaughn
    Bradley Whitford - Eric Gordon

    Billy Madison Quotes:

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    Stuttering Kid: Tuh-tuh-tuh.

    Billy: Ta-ta-ta TODAY Junoir!


    Darren McGavin as Brian Madison (Billy's Dad): You remember that spelling bee you won in the first grade? Rock? R-O-K?

    Billy: Yyeeaaa... So what's your point?

    Billy's Dad: R-O-C-K!

    Billy: Oh the C is silent.


    Billy: Hey Carl, what's up?

    Larry Hankin as Carl Alphonse: Nothing much, Billy, I see you got a little sun today.

    Billy: Oh yea, you think so? I fell asleep by the pool for a few hours.

    Bradley Whitford as Eric Gordon: Did you fall asleep or did oyu pass out?

    Billy: Ahhhaa haah aha.. SHUT UP!


    Billy: Shampoo is better, I go on first and clean the hair. No, conditionaer is better! I leave the hair silky and smooth. Oh really?

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