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  • Blue Streak Cast:
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    - Miles Logan
    Luke Wilson - Carlson
    Peter Greene - Deacon
    David Chappelle - Tulley

    Blue Streak Quotes:

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    ???: We're taking it down to our lab right now.

    Miles: I don't think that is such a good idea.

    ???: Why not?

    Miles: Umm, why don't we just keep it here with us? We could use it for bait.

    ???: You mean a sting?

    Miles: Exactly, a sting!

    ???: Now LaFleur expects these drugs to be in San Diego in three hours. What kind of sting operation can you get off the ground before then?

    Miles: The driver told me one of the guys on the truck was new. You can replace him with somebody else, then catch LeFleur when he goes to pick up the drugs. Bam! Got him!

    ???: Let me get this straight. You're volunteering to escort these drugs right into the hands of the most dangerous drug dealer in the northern hemisphere?!

    Miles: Hell no!


    Miles: Alright, Eddie check this out. This is a Brigger (!?!) 33,000. Toughest safe in the world. What's the first thing you do?

    Miles: No, you gotta check to see if it's open!


    David Chappelle as Tulley: Alright I'm leaving. I don't want no t...

    Miles: Freeze! Put your hands on the pavement! Put your hands on the pavement!

    Tulley: There is no pavement.

    Miles: Well then put them on the Oodles of Noodles. Put 'em on the noodles!

    Tulley: Chicken or beef!?!

    Miles: Chicken.

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