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  • Boomerang Cast:
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    - Marcus Graham
    Robin Givens - Jacqueline 'Jackie/Jack' Broyer
    Halle Berry - Angela Lewis
    David Alan Grier - Gerard Jackson

    Boomerang Quotes:

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    Marcus: Look, I am Mr. Romance when I meet a woman and then once I hit it, I lose interest, but that ain't my fault.


    Marcus: I...I excuse me. Excuse me, I am the most romantic cat both of your know. I, I, I, I, ...When I meet a woman, I am flowers, I am candy, I am soft music ...

    Gerard: And Mr. Milkbone.


    David Alan Grier as Gerard: Ha, ha, ha ..You know what your problem is? You need more romance and less Doberman pincer. That's what you need.

    Eddie Murphy as Marcus: That's true, that is true. You have too much dog and no romance in your life.

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