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    Doctor: "Sam, Diane, you two are perfect together. But, but why am I telling you this? Let's, let's share it with the rest of the world, shall we? Hear this world, the rest of you can stop getting married now, it's been done to perfection. Envy them sofa, envy them chair, for you shall never be as cozy as they, for I guarantee that their marriage will be a total epoch shattering success, and I stake my life on it. Wait, let, let me put that on record. I, Dr. Simon Finch-Roik, being of sound mind, declare that Sam and Diane shall be together throughout all eternity, and if I am wrong, I hereby promise that I will take my own life in the most disgusting manner possible. Here, take this tape, no, no, no, take the whole machine, it's my wedding gift to you, to you, the most perfect couple since the dawn of time!"

    Diane: "See?" .


    Everyone: "Norm!" .


    Man: "What's up Norm?"

    Norm: "My nipples, it's freezing out there." .


    Sam: "You are the nuttiest, the stupid, the phoniest fruitcake I ever met."

    Diane: "You, Sam Malone, are the most arrogant, self-centered --"

    Sam: "Shut Up! Shut your fat mouth."

    Diane: "Make me."

    Sam: "Make you? My God, I'm, I'm gonna, I"m gonna bounce you off every wall in this office."

    Diane: "Try it and you'll be walking funny tomorrow, or shall I say funnier."

    Sam: "You know, you know I always wanted to pop you one, maybe this is my lucky day huh?"

    Diane: "You disgust me, I hate you."

    Sam: "Are you as turned on as I am?"

    Diane: "More." .


    Woman: "This is the part I don't get."

    Carla: "Ya know, there's something about him, I mean, he knows women, like a jeweler knows jewels, like a meat cutter knows meat."

    Loretta: "Like a marine biologist knows marines." .

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