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  • Clear and Present Danger Cast:
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    - Jack Ryan
    Willem Dafoe - John Clark
    Anne Archer - Dr. Cathy Muller Ryan
    Joaquim de Almeida - Col. Felix Cortez/Roberto Alonzo Landa

    Clear and Present Danger Quotes:

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    ???: So I take it you shouldn't drink the water."

    ???: Well they put water in your room but I wouldn't trust it, I'd stick with the bottled stuff."

    ???: So what do you brush your teeth with?"

    ???: You use the bottled water or you'll be in the can all the time you're here.


    ???: Target is lit."

    ???: Start the music."

    ???: Into attack, target is aquired and lit. Comin' down."


    ???: Clark..."

    Clark: You said 'Get rid of Ryan and we're back in business' right?"


    Cortez: I need to defeat those soldiers blowing up everything they see. Give me maps of their locations. Cut off their communications."


    Jack: You're going to jail pal.

    Henry Czerny as CIA Deputy Director Robert Ritter: What is that? What do you think you have there?

    Jack: You broke the law.

    Ritter: You are such a boy scout, you see everything in black and white.

    Jack: No, no, no. Not black and white, Ritter - right and wrong.

    Ritter: You see? There you go again.

    Jack: Why was I kept out of it?

    Ritter: You weren't kept out of it - you're neck deep in it. You went before Congress and you got the money for it. You went before Congress and you lied to Congress.

    Jack: I never lied to Congress, You know I didn't lie to Congress.

    Ritter: You lied to them. You told them no troops. There are troops Jack.

    Jack: I didn't know that, you know I didn't know that.

    Ritter: No, I have no recolection of that. That's the term you have to learn.

    Jack: Who authorized this?

    Ritter: I'm sure they'll ask that.

    Jack: Who authorized this?

    Ritter: I have no recolection, Senator.

    Jack: I did not sign up for this, this is somebodies bullshit political agenda. Who authorized this, Cutter?

    Ritter: Cutter couldn't tie his shoes without permission.

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