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  • Clueless Cast:
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    - Cher Horowitz
    Paul Rudd - Josh Lucas
    Brittany Murphy - Tai Fraiser
    Stacey Dash - Dionne Marie Davenport

    Clueless Quotes:

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    Elisa Donovan as Amber: Whatever.


    Cher: Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds guys of being naked and then they think of sex.


    Josh: And you know, if I ever saw you do anything that wasn't 90% selfish, I'd die of shock.

    Cher: Oh, that'd be reason enough for me.


    Cher: I totally paused.


    Cher: So, the flannel shirt that a nod to the crispy Seattle weather or are you just trying to stay warm in front of the refrigerator?

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