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  • Cocktail Cast:
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    - Brian Flanagan
    Bryan Brown - Doug Coughlin
    Elisabeth Shue - Jordan Mooney
    Lisa Banes - Bonnie

    Cocktail Quotes:

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    Brian: America you're just devoted to every flavor I've got. But if you wanna get loaded why don't you just order a shot?


    Brian: I see America drinking the fabulous cocktails I make. America's getting stinking on something I stir or shake.....(a long monolog on making cocktails).


    George Sperdakos as English Teacher: Reading and writing remain a part of the curriculum, so for your first assignment I'd like you to write your own obituaries. Not that I wish you were dead, at least not yet anyway.


    Brian: What you see is what you get.


    Tom Cruise as Brian Flanagan: To our future. Lets do it, lets really do it.

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