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  • Coming to America Cast:
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    - Prince Akeem/Clarence/Randy Watson/Saul
    Arsenio Hall - Semmi/Extremly Ugly Girl/Morris/Reverend Brown
    James Earl Jones - King Jaffe Joffer
    John Amos - Cleo McDowell

    Coming to America Quotes:

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    Eddie Murphy as Clarence: Fuck you! Fuck you, and Fuck You! Who's next?


    Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem: Behold Semmi! Life! Real life, a thing that we have been denied for far too long. GOOD MORNING MY NEIGHBORS!

    Neighbor: Hey Fuck you!

    Akeem: YES! YES! FUCK YOU TOO!


    ???: I was Joan Of Arc in my former life.


    ???: Donations! Donations!

    ???: I thought that was the trash! Don't be hittin on me!


    James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer: There is a very fine line between love and nausea.

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