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  • Deep Blue Sea Cast:
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    - Carter Blake
    Saffron Burrows - Dr. Susan McCallister
    LL Cool J - Sherman 'Preacher' Dudley
    Michael Rapaport - Tom Scoggins

    Deep Blue Sea Quotes:

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    Franklin: Tell me I didn't see that. They recognised that gun."

    Dr. Susan McCallister: That's impossible. Sharks do not swim backwards - they can't."

    ???: Let's try to stay focused people.


    Franklin: Just what the hell did you do to those sharks?"

    Dr. Susan McCallister: Their brains weren't large enough to harvest sufficient amounts of the protein complex. So we violated the Harvard Compact. Jim and I used gene therapies to increase their brain mass. A larger brain means more protein. As a side-effect the sharks got smarter."


    Preacher: Einstein's theory of relativity. Grab hold of a hot pan, a second can seem like an hour. Put your hands on a hot woman, an hour can seem like a second. It's all relative."


    Dr. Susan McCallister: Tell me Mr. Franklin. Have you ever known anybody with Alzheimer's?"

    Franklin: Well, no."

    Dr. Susan McCallister: By the end all my father could do was ask why my mother wasn't at home. And each time I told him she was dead I had to watch him take that loss like a car wreck. Two hundred thousand men and women develop Alzheimer's each year. What if you could end all that suffering with a single pill?"


    Dr. Susan McCallister: Sharks never get cancer or go blind or show any loss of brain activity as they age. Unlike some people I know."

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