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  • Dirty Work Cast:
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    - Mitch Weaver
    Jack Warden - Pops
    Artie Lange - Sam McKenna
    Traylor Howard - Kathy

    Dirty Work Quotes:

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    Mitch: Note to self: Making love to blow-up doll not as good as advertised.


    Saigon Whore: When I say let's go, you go!

    Jimmy: Yeah?! Time you shut your cake hole, Yoko!


    Kathy: You two are brothers?

    Mitch: Yeah, it's a long story.

    Sam: My dad boned his mom.

    Mitch: Okay, it's a short story.


    Jimmy: There's the Saigon whore that bit my nose off!


    Jimmy: Wake up, slut! Well, well, well. We meet again. Nose biter! Time to pay the fiddler, whore!

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