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  • Drowning Mona Cast:
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    - Chief Wyatt Rash
    Bette Midler - Mona Dearly
    Neve Campbell - Ellen Rash
    Jamie Lee Curtis - Rona Mace

    Drowning Mona Quotes:

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    Feege: What do you think? Should I do the yellow apple 6 report or the yellow apple 7?

    Chief Rash: What's the difference?

    Feege: Well the yellow apple 6 involves water.

    Chief Rash: Well Feege the car is submerged in water. What do you think?

    Feege: Lets go with the yellow apple 6.

    Chief Rash: Yea, I think that's a good idea.


    Phil: I'm a wheelwatcher, I'm a wheelwatcher woo. I want it baby. Oh yea yea, come on!


    Phil: Oh Bobby came by to express his loss over our sorry loved one.

    Jeff: Yea I ain't working today.


    Rona: Phil, I've really been a good sport about all of this. I really have. I've really tried to do what you want. You wanted to buy an O so I let you buy a vowel. I did... cause you wanted to buy a vowel so I let you buy an O but that wasn't good enough. You had to have the free spin. You wanted to have the trip to Acapulco, well you know what, you landed on bankrupt buddy.


    Mona: You didn't vote for me.

    Phil: Well sorta.

    Mona: What do you mean sorta? They all say Bobby.

    Phil: Really?

    Mona: Phil, you're my husband. You're suppose to support me.

    Phil: Yea but Bobby had really good form though hun.

    Bobby: Thanks Mr. Dearly.

    Phil: You're welcome Bobby.

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