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    - Wyatt 'Captain America' Earp
    Dennis Hopper - Billy
    Antonio Mendoza - Jesus
    Phil Spector - Connection

    Easy Rider Quotes:

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    Wyatt: You ever want to be somebody else?

    Stranger: I'd like to try Porky Pig.

    Wyatt: I never wanted to be anybody else.

    Funniest drug song I've ever heard...This is the first verse of the song...the rest was not featured in the movie) But you can pick up the Classic Award Winning Soundtrack here soon!

    Wyatt: You sure got a nice spread here.

    Farmer: Yeah, I sure got a lot of 'em. My wife is Catholic, you know.


    George: Oh, no thanks. I've got some of my store bought right over here in my own...

    Wyatt: No man...This is grass!

    George: You...You mean marijuana?

    Wyatt: Yeah.

    George: Lord have mercy, is that what that is? Let me see that.


    Wyatt: You got a helmet?

    George: Oh, oh I've got a helmet! (Laughs) I got a beauty!

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