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  • Election Cast:
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    - James T. "Jim" McAllister
    Reese Witherspoon - Tracy Enid Flick
    Loren Nelson - Custodian
    Chris Klein - Paul Metzler

    Election Quotes:

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    Tracy: When I win the presidency, we're going to be spending alot of time together. Lots and lots and lots of time. President and advisor. Harmonious and productive. Close and special. You and I.


    Jessica Campbell as Tammy Metzler: It's not like I'm a lesbian or anything. I'm attracted to the person, it's just that all the people I've been attracted to, happen to be girls.


    Tracy: Some people say I'm an overachiever but I think their just jealous.


    Tracy: And I think certain older people, like you and your colleague shouldn't be leeching after their students, especially when some of them can't get their own wives pregnant. And they certainly shouldn't be making slanderous accusations, especially when certain, young, naive people's mother's are paralegal secretaries for the city's biggest law firm and have won many successful lawsuits.


    Reese Witherspoon as Tracy Flick: And if you want to keep questioning me like this, I won't continue without my attorney present.

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