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  • Enemy of the State Cast:
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    - Robert Clayton Dean
    Gene Hackman - Edward 'Brill' Lyle
    Jon Voight - Thomas Brian Reynolds
    Lisa Bonet - Rachel F. Banks

    Enemy of the State Quotes:

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    FBI Agent: We have reason to believe that Mr. Zavitz may have passed sensitive materials to you.

    Robert (Will Smith): Ah, no, he didn't pass me anything.

    FBI Agent: How did you happen to be at Ruby's(?) today?

    Robert: I was shopping for some lingerie! That's still legal, isn't it?

    FBI Agent: For your wife?

    Robert: No, I was picking up something for myself...I do a little crossdressin' on the weekends.


    Saleswoman: Hi!

    Robert: Hey, hi!

    Saleswoman: What size?

    Robert: Yeah, right, she's a 6.

    Saleswoman: What about cup size?

    Robert: I'm sorry? OH! No, she's way bigger than that. I mean, not noticeably!


    Jon Voight as Thomas Brian Reynolds: Now what will it take for us to get that video tape?

    ???: The end of the world.


    Ivana Milicevic as Ruby's Sales Clerk: Hey

    Robert Dean: Hey, Hi.

    Sales Clerk: What size?

    Robert Dean: Yea, right, she's a six.

    Sales Clerk: What about cup size?

    Robert Dean: I'm sorry?

    Sales Clerk:
    Robert Dean .. "Oh, oh, she's waaay bigger than that... I mean, not noticeably.


    Brill: You're either very smart or incredibly stupid.

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