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  • Ever After Cast:
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    - Danielle De Barbarac
    Anjelica Huston - Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent
    Dougray Scott - Prince Henry
    Patrick Godfrey - Leonardo da Vinci

    Ever After Quotes:

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    da Vinci: Have you any idea what that girl went through to get here tonight?

    Prince Henry: She lied to me.

    da Vinci: She came here to tell you the truth and you fed her to the wolves!


    Danielle: It's not fair, sire. You have found my weakness, but I have yet to learn yours.

    Prince Henry: Well, I should think it's quite obvious.


    Prince Henry: You dare to raise your voice to a lady, sir?


    Danielle: I am sorry, my mouth has run away with me again.

    Dougray Scott as Prince Henry: No, m'lady. It is your mouth that has me hypnotized.


    Drew Barrymore as Danielle De Barbarac: You are the only mother I have ever known. Was there a time, even in it's smallest measurement that you loved me at all?

    Baroness De Ghent: How can anyone love a pebble in their shoe?

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